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Why arent the retentions department calling me back

Evening all,

My contract runs out today, I phoned the relevant department on Thursday 13.07.17 to discuss alternative packages. The staff member was a little funny with me when I told her id discussed things with a colleague in the retention department and he'd told me to call back when convenient and ask to speak to someone in the retentions department as they can offer the best deal as it's "the last chance department". I got put on a 24 hour call back after explained what she was offering me wasn't as good as what her colleague could credit me with, 24 hours later I called back as my contract was due to expire the next day. Again a staff member explained various thing's and put me on 24hour call back again and extended my service for another 48 hours at my cost. Today is the 17.07.17 and still no call back and my service finishes tonight. I can only presume £76.51 per month I was paying isn't sufficient to warrant a bit of common curtesy.

Thanks for taking the time to read my message.

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