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Virgin sales team giving free discounts or scam?

Hi I have received a few phone calls today and in the last few days all from virgin media.

They claim I have been a customer for a long time and wish to give me a discount.

They usually then ask me for 1st line of address and postcode which I do not give since they could be a scam they attempt to reassure me by saying they can give me their employee id and virgin media number, I ask them to email me this discount or special offer information with TnCs or post it but they suddenly claim its only a phone offer and limited today.

Is this a scam or real ?

Is there a way to verify an employee number or number with virgin sales team also ?


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Re: Virgin sales team giving free discounts or scam?

hiya @Topbloke more than likely the sales team trying to get you to upgrade, they could give you a ex/current employee virignmedia number (possible scam), you could call up viriginmedia customer services via 150 / 0345 454 1111 and ask to be removed from all marketing campaigns this will take a few weeks to be filtered/processed. virginmedia sales phone number is -> 0800 052 0422
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