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Virgin renewing contract without permission


I joined Virgin Media approximately a year ago on a 12 month contract, half price for 6 months (I believe it was called Full House Bundle + Movies ~£45 then £90). I ordered over the phone and was informed by the sales woman that after 6 months I would be able to downgrade my package, if I wished, without having to enter a new contract.

In September last year, after the 6 month period has expired, I phoned customer service to downgrade my package and avoid paying the £90 per month. The cheapest option the agent could offer me contained M+ TV, 50Mb Broadband, and calls at a cost of £50 per month. At the time I thought it quite expensive for what I was getting, but I was under the impression that after 6 months I would be able to leave and rejoin as a new customer.

Anyway, last weekend I popped into a Virgin Media shop to ask about current Virgin Media bundles as I believed my contract was on the verge of expiring. However, when the sales assistant checked my account she informed me that I had entered into a new contract in September. She said to phone and contact Customer Service, which I have done, but they were very unhelpful and said if I wanted to leave I would have to pay ~£250 in early cancellation fees. They also said I could upgrade, but that ranged in cost from £65 - £130+ per month.

Could anyone please advise? £50 per month seems excessive for what is essentially Freeview with 50Mb Broadband.

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Re: Virgin renewing contract without permission

You are paying around the going rate for the services you have-


Switching to the player bundle will save you 5 quid a month, plus any loyalty discount you can negotiate.

AFAIK new bundles are going live fairly soon (see the forum announcements) so might be worth waiting for that to see what you can negotiate.


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