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Virgin installation of all services

My Virgin installation order which was initiated on 22 August 2016 when at the time we were in another property, had purchased a new property and were due to move in the first week of September. We agreed a contract and were due to have the internet installed the week after we moved in.

 The installation team came out before the install was due to take place and said that additional works needed to be completed to get the cables to the property before installation and so the construction team was advised and we were told that it would take 6 – 8 weeks, because they had to gain planning permission from the council and get the approval of the house outside the gate to dig up outside his house, we had no choice but to accept.

 During this period, we kept in contact with you to keep updated and were advised to wait until the end of the 8 weeks. No action was taken outside the property grounds in this period and after various telephone calls with the customer service team and construction team we were given no response other then they needed to wait until the contractors had come back to the construction team. We were told that the contractors were emailed requesting an update however they hadn’t had a response and were not able to get details of the contractors to contact them ourselves.

 On 7 November 2016 after a call with a member of the customer services team we were given an email address where we could email my complaint and it should be dealt with. On 10 November 2016, we were still in contact with the teams and had no answer in regards to an installation date and on questioning if anybody had read our complaint we were told that the complaint had been closed because a further discount had been applied to our account. We asked for the complain to be reinstated on the basis that it still hadn’t been handled using the formal complaints policy. We haven’t heard anything since in respect of the complaint made.

 Within a couple of days, we were told that our install would happen on 18th November 2016 (today). We therefore arranged that one of us would be at home to be there for the install. We were called first thing in the morning to say they would arrive around 9:30am which they did only to find out that there was no cable inserted into the pipes they had completed in the construction team and so there wasn’t any way to connect it up. Additionally, even if there were cables the pipework had gone up to the gate and so still wouldn’t give access to our house. We were told that the construction team would be out today to fit the pipework and hopefully they had a plan to get the cables in place and then he would come back and install later that day.

We then approached the house outside the gate to warn them of the contractors coming out only to find out that he is currently in the process of complaining to the council and Virgin because he was never informed of the first works that were completed outside his house.

 The contractors then arrived at the house and after speaking to them we understand that the work that had been completed wouldn’t help us unless we were to dig up a pathway through our neighbour’s garden to get the cables to our house. Additionally, that they don’t get paid unless the cables they fit go live and so because the work they had completed was unlikely to be used they didn’t see much point in installing the cables. They said there may be an alternative route to go around the outside of the development and then across our land and photos were due to be sent to the installations team. After a call with the installations team the photos hadn’t yet arrived and are likely to arrive on Saturday when we should call back however we were advised that if there was more work to be completed it could take another 4-6 weeks.

Over the process we have been given discounts against our future bills however at this stage (almost 3 months down the line) we would like to have access to the services and a response to our complaints. 


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin installation of all services

Hi Jodietruran,


Welcome to the Forums and thanks for your post. I can only apologise that you've had a less than perfect journey since joining so far. Smiley Sad 


It's not very often this happens however when it does happen, we try and get things moving as quickly as we can. From what you've written it sounds as though we won't be able to install you until we have wayleave permission from your neighbour. 


I'll be happy to take a look at where things stand currently but I've not been able to locate your account. 


I have sent you a private message regarding this and will investigate further once I receive your reply. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Speak soon,

Forum Team

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