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Virgin credit

I have been charged this month £32.25 by virgin media despite my Virgin account being £52.34 in credit and despite an adviser from Virgin telling me that I would not be charged this month because my account was in credit. I would rather the £52.34 was in my bank account than sat in a virtual 'virgin media' account. Any ideas how I can get my money back? 

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Re: Virgin credit

hiya @Helen88 welcome to the virginmedia community forum, would need to have a chat again with customer services to see if they can issue refund or amend account so payment via direct debt is put on hold until credit used up
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Re: Virgin credit

Hi Helen88

If the money you have mentioned has been debited then the chances are this Direct Debit was pending to be taken and could not be stopped in time before this was due to process.

My apologies if this was not made clear.

In order to check back in with the teams about this if there is an active balance on the account that needs refunded then if you can please get in touch with Customer Care they would be able to help you.

If the next bill is due to be produced within the next 5 working days the balance that is on the account will be used to credit the new bill due to be created.

You can contact them via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat for any billing or package related queries where they can clear security with you.

Webchat can be contacted via the site online and you can speak to them if you prefer this option by choosing the Chat Online option:

E.G-Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Let us know how this goes!

Forum Team

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