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Virgin Media customer service

Why is it that VM's chat is never working and you can't change your package online as it's never working?

I have a Router that is constantly dropping the connection and needs replacement and would like to change my package but VM wont let me do anything.

Will be changing provider as is the only way forward.


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Re: Virgin Media customer service

Sparki77 wrote:

Why is it that VM's chat is never working
It works, but you have to be very aggressive in the amount of reloads you do. If it says the agents are busy, reload it repeatedly every 1 to 2 minutes until you get through to an agent. It is literally that busy whenever it is available and it doesn't have many staff behind it either. Imagine say 24 staff members working through a queue of 10,000 customers and you get the minimum idea of its usage levels vs staff amount during the hours it is available.

and you can't upgrade your package online as it's never working?
If you have a discount/offer etc on your account it will never work, it will just tell you to call in. This happens because VM want the discount/offer on the customer's account protected (the online upgrade page would remove it.)

Besides, it only deals with upgrades, not anything else.

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