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Virgin Media Customer Services Screwing me out of 120 quid!?

I've had it up to the roof with Virgin Media this month.

First, I call up after my contract has finished to re-arrange on the 10th Feb, hitting a deal of 40 pounds for broadband and calls with line rental, and having the telly removed because it's not worth the 30 quid extra they wanted to charge. They then turn off the TV asap, bearing in mind we pay a month in advance, so I ask them to turn it back on and leave it until the 9th of march (30 days notice), I get told this may take a few days.

A few days pass on the 13th, still no telly, so I call back up and explain the issue. The lady on the phone sorts it out and all is fine (Little did I know...) I sign the contract for the new plan (150 MB broadband, weekend calls and line rental (I HAVE THIS CONTRACT IN HAND).

I check my bill today, and i've been re-subscribed to the big bang package at £65 a month. I call up today and talk to the customer services team, who inform me I have agreed to renewing my contract at that price. I go mental at this point, asking why and what the hell is going on. They state because the first guy I spoke to didn't write anything down about this, the best they can do is £43.50 with £30 credit to my account. I reluctantly agree as it had been three hours arguing the toss with them.

I then get a email stating I've been charged a telly cancellation fee of £120 pounds. What the hell virgin media? I never agreed to renewing my contract with the telly. I want to scream and scream as I don't have that kind of money right now. I'm escalating this tomorrow but i feel incredibly wronged as a customer at this point.

Oh and I asked to speak to a manager to be told no, i'm not allowed. What kind of customer service do you have going on right now!?

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Forum Team
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Re: Virgin Media Customer Services Screwing me out of 120 quid!?

Hi bagleyboy, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear about the issues you are having cancelling your TV Services. 


Checking the account I can see since posting, things have been resolved. It looks as though the termination fee was automatically added but a credit has been put onto the account to cover this. 


Are you having any further issues since posting? If so, pop back and let us know. We're always happy to help. 



Forum Team

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