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VM lied to get my business!!!

I have been a customer of yours for a number of years since Telecential and NTL days. On and off I have had various different packages from yourselves which included TV, phone and broadband.
Over the years my wife and I began calling our relatives in Trinidad and Tobago which was very costly because Trinidad I believe falls into a high band and at the time was 40ppm and our bills were in the £150 per month range.
It must have been possibly 8/10 years ago VM introduced a package called Talkanywhere 800 which was brilliant because it was made up of 800 free minutes to anywhere which obviously included Trinidad. It came at a cost of £34 per month which we in turn added to our package and it saved us a lot of money over the years.
Sadly in 2014 Sky offered me a great package on my TV free movies/sports etc so I reluctantly moved from VM but kept my phone and broadband services.
Jump forward to late 2015 I attended the Gadget Show Live and was talking to a VM Representative on your stand and he informed me they were doing good deals for new and existing customers. I told him what package I had and he done a great deal on my whole package including bringing back my TV to VM. An install date was also arranged.
2 days before install I received a call from VM Customer Relations saying I had been mis-sold the package and the deal could not go through since the Talkanywhere 800 was no longer being offered and I would have to pay considerably more than the price quoted if I wanted to have the TV back again. So most annoyingly I was forced to cancel. I put in a complaint to your CEO's office but never heard nothing back, so I just left it be. Since then I have been paying £77 per month to VM for phone and Broadband and £70 per month for Sky TV.
Forward again to January 2017 and trying to save some money again I thought to try and move my TV to VM since there were some good offers being advertised. I looked at various options but was constantly being told I could not get a deal because I had Talkanywhere 800 and if I wanted any kind of package I would have to loose it. Despite being told this I kept on trying to come to a resolution with VM and finally in early January I was told I could keep Talkanywhere 800 if I wanted a TV package too.
On 9th of January I spoke over the phone to VM and was offered a great TV package which would save me at least £70 per month. Great I thought.
The only downside was that I had to forfeit was that i was advised take away my Talkanywhere 800 temporarily and replace it with Talk anytime International which does not include Trinidad in your top 30 destinations. I was assured that I would be able to bring this back upon completion of my TV install. I asked again if this was definitely the case, and explained what happened before but was very much assured it was not a problem and should ring up after my install to get it reinstated.
I even spoke to your representatives in our local shopping centre who had a little VM kiosk and was offered a similar deal but this time keeping the Talkanywhere 800 at a reasonable price for everything.
My install date was 13th February. That went as planned with no problems.
Now the problem. I called up a few hours after my install to get my phone package sorted and was told by 2 people it cannot be done! I spoke with 3 different people but the 3rd was most helpful and assured me it was not a problem but because my account has not been fully updated yet I should call back Tuesday 14th and will be done.
I rang as instructed and spoke to 3 different people and the 3rd time was more of a success I was told by your representative he could not authorise this because he had no coding to put this back on my account and it had to be done by a Senior Manager in Gateshead, he has the authority to override the system to put this in place. Again I was assured it would definitely happen but could only be done by this Manager.
I think he tried to call me but unfortunately I missed his call and he did not leave a message.
Today 15th February I left it till midday and had still not heard anything so decided to call again. It is on my notes the Manager tried to call me again but because VM were doing maintenance in my street there was no services, although I did give my mobile number to call.
At this point I managed to speak to Customer Relations and upon reading my notes the said Manager had left a message "to tell Mr Roberts we are unable to help him any further and the only way he can get his Talkanywhere 800 back is to revert back to his original package since he is within his 14 day cancellation period"
As you can imagine I am not very happy and very angry and annoyed at being constantly lied to by VM .
After hearing this I am now being told if I want it back I am having to cancel my TV services and revert back. I cannot believe how VM can come and spend 3 hours nearly installing my TV services and for the sake of £34 per month more extra I could be paying you, can come round and take it all back out again.
I would be most grateful if you can take the time to check into my account regarding the details I have supplied and advise me if anything can be done further and resolved accordingly . I do not really want to cancel the TV but feel I am being forced too.
After all I am willing to pay more per month and VM do not seem to want my money. I appreciate that Talkanywhere 800 is no longer offered but in my case as an existing customer I understand why it cannot be.

This is a copy of a letter i have just sent to VM. Got no where on the phone so now putting it in writing.

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

Sorry its long winded,but thanks for reading.

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Re: VM lied to get my business!!!

A few paragraph breaks wouldn't go amiss ... I had less trouble reading War and Peace    Smiley Wink



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Re: VM lied to get my business!!!

Hi surely1966, 


Thanks for your post and I am very sorry to hear about the issues you have been having trying to keep your talk anywhere package. 


There has been some changes to your bundles so now anything that's not currently offered would remain as a legacy. We would continue to offer it to you on the condition that your package doesn't change. 


If it does then you would need to fall in line with the new packages we offer. 


I know this isn't the news you want and I'm sorry I have to be the one to say but the only way to get Talk Anywhere back is to revert back to the package you were on before Smiley Sad 


Let me know if you have any further questions or queries. 



Forum Team

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