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V6 order and billing


I'm hoping Support can clarify this for me. 

I spoke to retentions on friday and was offer a V6 upgrade, for a approx £2.00 a month increase on my monthly bill. I was offer £50.00 credit off the box, which i accepted, so i was to be billed 50.00 for the box and £14.99 activation. 

The box was self install and due to arrive sat 1st, the box didn't arrive by 7pm, so called retentions and was told the original order had not been completed successfully. Tom was really helpful and re ordered the box for this coming wednesday as a good will gesture they credited the 14.99 activation, which i appreciated. 

Ive logged on to my account this morning, and the order is is due for delivery wednesday as planned. 

I am showing the £50.00 credit and the £14.99 credit, but as of last night i am showing a partial charge of £23.00?.

I did call this morning, but they could not see this but confirmed i am in credit for £42.37, which is £50.00 and £15.37, minus £23.00, i expecting to be in credit by £65.37.

Any ideas what the £23.00 might be, as retentions have confirmed the actual price i will be paying, so unsure why this has been added, i am due to be monthly billed tomorrow. I assuming the install charges will be on the next bill, and then to £50.00 credit will knock this down. 

Can you help me out, to clarify the £23.00 partial charge?

Thanks again for your help. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: V6 order and billing

Hey NickNewark

I appreciate you getting in touch about the billing on the forums.

I'd advise in this instance that you call us to discuss this as I can see that the current billing has had the credits applied before the charges have activated and as a result of this, this month’s bill will need to be processed differently for you.

My apologies about this.

Please can you contact the teams via 150 or 0345 454 1111 as they will be able to discuss the credits/debits situation further and resolve any issues you may have with this.

Kind regards

Forum Team

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