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Upgrading Account problems please help

Hi all.

Been on the phone today to upgrade and customer service says I'm black listed. I said I've never missed a payment on all the years I've been with Virgin. (since ntl days) customer service says that I should look at experian as this is where they get there information. I did this immediately and there it says I've good credit . 900 plus points. a few points off excellent.  Green tick . No alerts. Alls good. Phoned virgin back, sorry computer says no . 

Has anyone else come across this. I now do not know what to do. I find it extremely worrying. I feel that I have to cancel all my Virgin services as I can't change anything that I've got. 

Please help 


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Re: Upgrading Account problems please help

hiya @Deggy rather strange why this would happen, since best having a chat with customer relations choosing option 1 - 5 - 4 (thinking of leaving us) they deal with complex issues, since doubt the forum team would be able to do much due to issues of Data Protection.
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