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Upgrade path without Hub3.0?

In view of the litany of problems with the Hub3.0 and the lack of a timescale for a fix, is there any hope of enabling an upgrade path that doesn't require an unwanted and unneeded Hub3.0? I'm aware that I could take one and eventually persuade you to allow me to use the working one, but can't afford the downtime and don't need the hassle.

Consequently I'm paying for a 200Mbit package but still taking 152Mbit as the Hub3.0 is not fit for purpose and there's no online upgrade process that lets me simply upgrade the connection. I didn't much care whilst speeds crept from 120Mbit to 150Mbit to the present offering of 200Mbit, as my sole reason for paying out for a premium package is the 10Mbit upstream.

The launch of your 20Mbit upstream service (and, for heaven's sake, call it what it is or make the distinction clear. I'm not a gamer and but for dumb luck, I wouldn't generally look twice) is irritating; if already paying for the fracas of the Hub3.0 by inflated prices without stable hardware to avail of the benefit, now I'm paying 90% of the cost of 20Mbit. Which would be nice if I didn't have to jump through hoops for it. I really don't like dealing with these things by telephone, unfortunately. Could we please see an upgrade process with the option to keep the Superhub2?

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