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Upgrade at no extra cost

Just wondering which part of would you like to upgrade and have faster fibre speeds at no extra cost I didn't understand after choosing this upgrade at no extra cost my monthly package cost has increased this is an excerpt from an vm email
"Great news! Recently you let us know you wanted faster fibre speeds at no extra cost, and now we're ready to start the work on delivering it". What am I missing here I didn't want to be paying more I wasn't all that bothered about an upgrade I supposed yet again I've been had over and obviously nothing's free so what next can I get down graded for no extra cost and have my monthly cost put back to what it should be ? I doubt it I'll just be sitting here counting down the days til my contract ends

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Re: Upgrade at no extra cost

Accepting the free speed boost will not cause your bill to increase, so if it has, it's down to something else.

Ring up and speak to Customer Services, dial 150 from a Virgin phone or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone and select the "thinking of leaving us" option.

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