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Unjust credit compensatiom

Hi, for the past few months I've been having problems with my broadband constantly going blank due to damaged wiring outside the property. Only recently was this issue solved. The problem has lasted over 3 months and when I log onto myvirginmedia to check my bills, I noticed virgin only compensated me £3.23 for trouble that I faced for an on going 3 months! I believe this is completely unfair and unjust despite the fact that I waited patiently for a long time for them to finally solve the problem after constant nagging and repeated engineer visits. I do not find it acceptable that such little compensation is being given for the amount of no internet I've had over these past 3 months.

Please do something about this issue and resolve the unjust treatment by virgin.

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Forum Team
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Re: Unjust credit compensatiom

Hi PatientCustomer

Thanks for getting in touch about the issues you have been having with your service on the broadband.

I am sorry to hear that this had affected you for an extended period of time. I can see that a complete cable re-pull was booked and has been completed and I hope this has resolved the issues you were having with this at the time.

Regarding the credit options if this has not been adjusted to reflect the service impact you have had and you have been notifying us during the whole period that this has been an issue then please get in touch with us via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat.

In order for us to see if we can support you a little further with this I am also sending a pm to you that you can find in the purple envelope up on the top of the forums.

If you can get back in touch with me on this, that would be fab Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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