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Unauthorised Direct Debit

I have had an unauthorised Direct Debit taken from my account by Virgin Media. This is extremely distressing. I have just had a long call with your telephone helpline who advised me to send an email to "" and provide screenshots of my bank statements.

I have done this and also contacted my bank, but I wanted to know if others have experienced anything similar? I am simply baffled and really distressed. The details are as follows:

  • My normal DDs come out on 27 of each month
  • My last normal payment was for £112.69 on 27th February 2017 (I can see the corresponding bill for this and it all makes sense).
  • HOWEVER on 20th February 2017 Virgin Media also took an additional amount of £66.19 and called this "First Payment" – I have no idea what this is in relation to, I have not received any bill or letter nor have I signed any new DD instructions from Virgin. 
  • I have since cancelled the new DD and informed HSBC. I have no idea what this is in relation to and I did not set anything new up. All very distressing Smiley Frustrated
  • I only have Virgin Media services – I do not have Virgin Mobile, nor have I ever.

The telephone helpline people were not at all helpful tbh. They simply carried on saying "they would not take an unauthorised payment" and each time I explained that they had, I was put on hold for several minutes. I am concerned that they have not given me the correct instructions by telling me to e-mail "missing payments" - as above - I think they should be raising a full investigation. Anyway, I have followed their instructions and will see what happens.

Last summer I did have several major issues with my account on Virgin Media - I moved home and they somehow did not close my old account and then could not let me log into my new account. It was all extremely confusing. I think this might be somehow related (just a guess though).

All a complete nightmare and I feel very stressed about it.

If anyone on these boards could help me that would be so appreciated... 


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Re: Unauthorised Direct Debit

hiya @gnandtn welcome to the virginmedia community forum, the forum team don't get that involved in the billing system, best idea would be to have a chat with customer relations choosing option 1 - 5 - 4 (thinking of leaving us) they deal with complex issues and are UK based.
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