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Thanks for the £3.99 pm increase from November

Just had your letter informing us that the package I am on is increasing by almost £4, well lets say £4, as a penny means nothing nowadays, we get VirginTV Go on our mobile devices, whooohoo, does that include Android devices that are rooted from the factory?? Also More Wifi by.....using our phones Wifi!! why not provide a booster box if you think your Modem is not worthy.

Another item, Service and repairs, peace of mind that an oversubscribed area will take years to fix, and it's free of charge, many thanks for not billing us for you over selling your products as admitted on watchdog by your CEO!

Then you lie about the Service and repair with your competitors, BT and Sky, you don't get charged if its their fault, the same with yours, if the problem is not Virgin Media related your charge customers, where is that bit!!!.


Yes we can cancel with out any fees, but your are still lying and becoming the most expensive none working BB in the UK, as almost said by your CEO.


Gripe over


Have a fab day.....Smiley Mad 


All the information I provide is available on Google Search, I just make it simple for you Smiley Happy
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Re: Thanks for the £3.99 pm increase from November

Yup, typical VM..

Prices go UP, UP, UP...service levels go ..... DOWN, DOWN, DOWN....

(notice the wait for a reply from 'staff' up to the 2 week wait again on most posts, (that's about the only part of the 'service' that's actually gone UP Smiley Very Happy))

Well, as posted elsewhere, BT have offered me Infinity 2 at last, (having previously told me that they were unable to , as they had no spare capacity, (TRUTHFULL, unlike VM, who will LIE to you), but have now provided extra capacity.

They are offering GUARANTEED minimum of 41 MEG!!! on fibre broadband...(VM sell me 70, I actually get..up to 9 if I'm lucky!!)

Might as well take VM's hand out of my wallet, and go 'to Infinity and beyond' as Buzz would say!! (and SAVE MONEY as well!!)