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Terrible Customer Service with Non Existent Installation

Sorry if this gets long but I want to give as much detail as possible..

After moving house I was told that my new address was "Virgin Media ready" by what must have been a member of the sales team as they were eager to sign me up and probably add me to their pre-christmas sales figures for a tidy bonus- regardless of my new address not being "virgin media ready at all"

An installation date was set for December 15th.

I took the day off work for an engineer come and leave within 20 minutes saying that 'there's no cable' to the property. 'Next door has one' but not this property and it can't be 'pulled through'.

I can't remember if it was him or customer service that informed me that works needed to take place outside before the installation could take place and a new installation date was set for January 10.

I take another day off work on January 10th for another set of engineers to turn up to poke around outside for 15 minutes before telling me that 'someone had come over the christmas period and run the cable to the wrong house' and that the installation couldn't take place until the cable was in position. (which sounded to me like an excuse and that no one had done any work outside between December 15th - January 10th and so wasting everybody's time and making me lose money from work again - despite me being in contact with customer service, on multiple occasions, to relay the message of the work needing to take place before an installation could take place!)

Another new date was set - this time by the Construction Team to do the work outside on Wednesday February 1st with an installation date of 9th February.

I take February 1st off work again to make sure that if anyone does turn up that they run the cable to the correct address (so that the same excuse isn't used again.) No one turned up. No one contacted me to say they weren't going to turn up. Or that the installation now wouldn't take place on the 9th.

After speaking to customer services I was told that construction outside couldn't take place on a weekday because of council rules - when I tried to point out that sure the council rules have been in place prior to this incident and that it was known by the construction team that work on Wednesday 1st February was an impossibility and that my time had been wasted again.

Since this time I have been in contact with customer service on a number of occasions to try to find out if a date has been set for construction and it seems like nothing has changed in three weeks.


It seems like Virgin Media were very keen to sign me up to a service that they are unable to deliver. I have been lied to, misguided, fooled around and ultimately strung along. It has been nearly 3 months without internet access. If I hadn't been fed lies continually I would have been able to consider a different internet provider but by stringing me along and promising new dates for installation I was unable to to.

Almost every time I have spoken to customer service to make sure that the correct information is on record and being used by engineers turning up to do work, that information hasn't been recorded and I have been fobbed off with excuses. All in all a terrible customer service experience.

Id like to know when this construction will take place?

When the installation will be taking place?

And how I am going to be compensated for the 3 months I have been waiting?

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Forum Team
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Re: Terrible Customer Service with Non Existent Installation



Welcome to the Forums and thanks for your post. I can only apologise that you've had a less than perfect journey since joining so far. Smiley Sad


It's not very often this happens however when it does happen, we try and get things moving as quickly as we can. 


Even though progress may seem slow to you, at this end there would have been multiple plans put in place. We'll need to create a plan for costs and submit this. After this has been approved, we then need to get the relevant permits from local councils. We wouldn't know about any rules in place until this point. If these fail, we need to go back to the drawing board to work out another plan and try again. 


I understand it's frustrating however we're not able to give an exact time frame on when these works will take place. As soon as permits are accepted we'll have a better idea. For an update on this, feel free to come back to us or speak to the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111. 


Apologies again,

Forum Team

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