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Does anyone know when I agreed to a 30 day termination period. It certainly is not in the terms and conditions that I received when I took out the BB and phone 15 years or so ago.

How is it that changes to these terms and conditions only help Vermin. Where did the files go that I stuck on the Vermin servers for safe keeping, oh that's right, Vermin deleted them without telling me. Where did the free phone calls go, oh that's right Vermin took them away.

Every month more money for less offering. I have had this BB since the first day I could get it but that is it now. I am done.


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Re: Termination

The 30 days notice has been in the terms for at least 12 years, if not more.

For instance it's in the ntl terms from 2004

Irrespective of that, you will have been sent updated T&Cs when Virgin Media came into existence in 2007, and at least couple of times since then, each of which legally superseded the previous terms.

Closure of Webspace and services such as Backup and Storage and Cloud were notified in advance, to give time to download any files stored. Any changes to your calls will also have notified before they were changed, either by letter or email or both.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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