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TOR - typical corporate rubbish

** Background **

I wish to TOR my current account. However I'm having issues due to the ridiculous nature of these vampire blood sucking corporate companies. Let me explain the situation.

Moving house with my GF. Another tenant has lived with us for 6 months and is continuing to live there. We wish to TOR to him. Notified Virgin Media. Received TOR form.

** Issue **

TOR form states "must have copies of at least 2 of the following documents. If tenant has lived at address for less than three years, documents from his previous address and current must be provided".

*The form does not state whether we need 4 forms? 2 from previous and two from current? Or one from each?

*The Tenant only has documents from his current address. Is it simply not possible to TOR then? Waste money on the **bleep** that is "early disconnection fees"? 

*Virgin Media has a **bleep**ty customer service line which I cannot get through to speak to someone and also charges me for being on the line

*Virgin media has an excellent and free sales line to reap people in and suck out their souls

*Can someone on this community please answer my question and/or give advice as Virgin Media have to rely on a community of customers rather than their own employees for customer support which is whoefully disrespectful. I will be following up with the customer support to Watchdog, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph ect....

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: TOR - typical corporate rubbish

Hi mlawton1989

Welcome to the community Smiley Happy

I'm sorry if you've had some issues arranging the TOR.

The person that takes over the line would be required to take on the financial responsibility of the account. This means we'll need to complete the necessary credit and I.D. checks (as if they were placing a new order) before we're able to process the TOR.

Have you been able to get things moving now?
Many thanks


Mark Y
Forum Team

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