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Strange Charge after upgrading from 50mb Fibre to Vivid 100mb

Morning folks


So I took advantage of the 6 months half price offer to upgrade my Fibre BB from 50mb to 100mb last week


However the contract has come through in my emails for me to e-sign and I've noticed a huge charge of £54 which the contract claims is for Activation and Manned Installation.


Here's the problem I have......there was no manned installation, it was all done via my account on the VM homepage, so why are they trying to charge £54 for a manned installation?


I haven't signed the contract yet until I know what this charge is for as it seems strange, and quite honestly ridiculous.


Anyone else done the upgrade and had this charge added to their bill?


If it's right (and I don't see how it can be) then I'll be cancelling my upgrade as I'm not paying £54 for something that was done over the web



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Forum Team
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Re: Strange Charge after upgrading from 50mb Fibre to Vivid 100mb

Hi frazzle121180

Many thanks for posting and for getting in touch about the installation charge.

I understand that if something is not quite right on your billing you want to look into this and to do so it would be great if you could get in touch with our teams via the secure methods below.

You can contact them to look at supporting you with this this either via 150 or 0345 454 1111 or via Webchat

To speak to the Webchat teams just choose the option in the column on the left that best matches your needs and tab over to the right through the menu to get to the Chat Online option.

E.g.- Account and Billing > Manage Your Account Online

Via these options our teams can clear security with you and support you with billing or packages queries. As the forums are public, supporting you in this way is the best way to keep your data confidential.

Looking at this for you it seems as if you have made the call to us and this has now been amended Smiley Very Happy

Take care.

Forum Team

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