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Wonder if someone here might offer any advice.

I was sold the 200mbps broadband through Simplify Digital for £38 per month for the first 12 months, due to install a week Saturday.

I noticed today that the speed mentioned in the online account was 50 mbps.  A webchat and a phonecall confirmed that I was actually being setup for 50mbps for £25 a month.. nothing like what I was actually sold.   I was told by Virgin that the 200 mbps / £38 deal does not exist.

After a quite a bit of complaining the original deal was offered on the account and I was told that a second contract would be sent in the post with the revised details.  I was told that I need to ignore the first contract, when I receive it.

I called Simplify Digital who have no idea why the discrepancy.  They put the 200mbps / £38 offer, which is still available and they are still actively selling it today.

So I call Virgin back just to clarify that everything is being corrected.  The adviser told me that the order has been corrected, however there will NOT be a revised contract sent out.  She said that I need to sign the original contract, but assured that the order is being changed.  

But surely I shouldn't actually sign a contract for the incorrect package? 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Shambles

Hi mp28

I appreciate you getting in touch with us about the revised offer and contract and a warm welcome to the community Smiley Happy

My apologies that the original offer was incorrectly built for you.

I cans see the services have been connected for you since you posted to us and that the offer is correct at the £38 offer price you have mentioned above with the 200Mb speeds.

An option to revise the original contract is not currently possible on the system so please be aware you are not in this instance contracted to the old pricing, but the new deal you wanted that has been updated to reflect the offer from Simply Digital.

If there is anything else you need from us please just let us know.

Kind regards.


Forum Team

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