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Services suspended after 2 days

Hi, so my father moved over to virgin on recommendation from myself after being with sky for 13 years.

We got a good deal with the full mix with 3 v6 boxes and vivid 200.

Everything was fine for the 2 days after installation but now the account has been suspended twice for 'going over the credit limit' according to customer services. Obviously the set up fee and the fee for the 3 boxes and first month is a fair wack but my father isn't worried about that. But there are no other charges on the account and all of our service have been suspended? I'm just wondering how that is fair considering the extremely short amount of time we have had the service and I'm now worried given the volatile nature of my father that he is going to want to cancel after all of the work that was carried out to install in the first place. Where do we stand?
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Re: Services suspended after 2 days

Hi markgeorge139,

Virgin set these account credit limits to help avoid people receiving huge unexpected bills, it is a good thing to be honest although as you mention for 3x V6 boxes, activation fee, package costs, pro-rata charges etc i'd imagine this would push your fathers account over the limit.

The best thing to do here would be to call Virgin and make and advance payment to the account to help bring it under the limit again and any money in credit on the account will be reflected in your next direct debit.

Bit of a pain i know but i hope this helps.

Also here is the segment from the Virgin T's & C's for future reference.

6.2 Credit limits: We may set a monthly credit limit on your account that will be an amount we consider appropriate. We will let you know what this amount is if we do set a monthly credit limit. We may suspend your access to the Services if you exceed the limit. You should not use the credit limit for budgeting as the amount you owe is not capped or limited and you will still be liable if you exceed the credit limit we set!

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