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Service - what service?

Has anyone ever found the Virgin Helplines helpful? My tale of woe began on Saturday when I was given the wrong information. So we were off to a bad start as I know they did not give me the best deal. The local Virgin shop confirmed this and told me how to get the best deal in the future.

So today - my new broadband arrived - minus a splitter. 6 telephone calls later the best advice was "go to Maplins they might have what you need". A manager in the customer services promised he would phone back and tell me the part I needed - guess what it didn't happen. I was patronised by untrained staff who clearly did not know how to answer my simple questions.  They would not give direct numbers nor would they take mine to phone me back. But their lines to the call centre are so bad they just cut-out after a while - not sure if this is on purpose - so it is back through dreadful IVR and music and operators who require you to repeat yourself again and again. Quite frankly - hopeless

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Re: Service - what service?

Hi davetelf

Thanks for getting in touch with us and for letting us know about the issues you have had with us when setting up the services. I am sorry to hear that this has been the initial experience you have had with us as a new customer Smiley Sad

I can see that since you posted that you have spoken to the teams and they have resolved this for you.

Our Quickstart teams would have been able to have arranged to have sent a replacement splitter to you so I am a little concerned to hear that this option was not looked at for you when you did call but i also understand from the complaint that was raised that this has also been fed back to the previous agents.

I hope that since this initial issue everything is now running smoothly for you. I'd also like to wish you a warm welcome to the community too. It's lovely to have you joining us Smiley Happy

Please keep us posted if we can help with anything else for you.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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