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Hi, not sure whether this is the correct board to go to but here it goes.

I referred a friend late January who took out virgin services which were installed on February 4th, this friend still has the services so when will I receive my £50 referral credit?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Referral


According to their website (this is based on the individual doing the referring):

When will my friend receive their £50 credit?
Your friend will receive their £50 credit on their first bill.

When will I get my £50 credit?

*We'll release your £50 credit 28 days after your friend's equipment has been installed (and once your friend's 14 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee has passed).

As there's often a gap between the date that your friend places their order and the date that their new service is installed, you may have to wait a little while before you see your £50 credit.

In fact it might be worth catching up with your friend after you refer them to us, because if they don't place their order with us straight away, you may be waiting a while.

To clarify, you won't receive your £50 credit immediately after filling in this page – you'll get it after your friend's installation. Your £50 credit will be visible on your next bill 28 days after your friend's installation date, and once their 14 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee has passed.


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