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Refer a friend...

So back in August we decided to have broadband put into our new apartment. We tried to do this online but unfortunately our apartment is part of a converted pub and has its own postcode and yada yada. Basically VM had to call us to get our address added to the system and get our broadband order put through.

While on the phone, I said that I wanted the £35 credit for students applied to the account, however the telecoms agent noticed when giving my previous addresses that my mother has a VM account, so he could get us both £50 through refer a friend. I of course agreed.

2 and a half months later and neither of us have received the credit. As such I called VM today and was told the refer a friend was never put on and that if it had I would have received a confirmation email. After talking to 3 departments however I was told that they would be able to credit me £10, as £40 was already used for the installation fee, which I thought "well our installation was free" but I'd saw other posts where people were having this and figured it must just be the policy. Also my mother would have to call herself to sort out her credit.

I have just looked at the refer a friend page ( however and it clearly says the following: 


My friend is getting free installation, will they still get the £50 credit?

They certainly will! So that'll be free installation and £50 credit on top. Not bad, eh?
Clearly refer a friend credit and free installation are seperate entities then and I should be getting the full £50 credit, as our installation was indeed free!
I want the full £50 I am entitled to! So am I going to have to go through being passed from department to department once again? This is frankly a joke and extremely taxing that VM can get all this so wrong at every stage.
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Re: Refer a friend...

Hi tyfe1994

Thanks for getting in touch about the Refer A Friend  offer, and a warm welcome to the forums.

I am sorry to hear that you have had issues trying to get this offer applied and given the experience you have had regarding this I'd like to see what I can do so support you with this.

I'm going to send a pm to you for me to look into this on yours and your Mums behalf.

You can find this in the up on the top right.

If you could get back to me on this that would be fab!


Forum Team

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