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Refer a friend and moving home

Hi. I referred a friend back in September but have never had the discount applied. I have sent 6 emails to customer service with no response. So not unhappy
I ave also called to cancel my account as I am moving home and have been told I need to pay a £240 termination fee. I appreciate that it is in the terms of the contract however it is not my fault that you do not supply my address. Bearing this in mind I wanted to set up a payment plan for the £190 balance ( obviously after the discount is applied) but have been told that you can't do that and if I am unable to pay in full it will be sent to a debt collecting agency. This means you are proactively placing me in debt and affecting my credit rating????
Please can someone sort both these issues out before I move on 11.11.2016
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Refer a friend and moving home

Hi Amandajen, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear that you haven't yet received your refer a friend credit. I've taken a look at the account and I'm not seeing any link from your account to show a referral has been made. 


We'll need to look a little deeper into this so please give us a call on 150 / 0345 454 1111. We can take details of the referred account and work backwards from there Smiley Happy 


With regards to moving to a non cabled area, when you sign up to a contract with us, you are agreeing for us to supply you with the services at that address for that time. As you are moving, you are technically breaking the contract. 


If you move to a cabled area, we are happy to transfer the services however this comes with a one off charge and a new 12 month contract. If you move to a non cabled area then we can set the account to cancel but this would invoke an early termination fee. 


You can speak to the team regarding the circumstances on why you're moving though as this could mean a smaller disconnection fee or a possible write off. You can speak to them on the same number posted above. 


For payment plans, we would look at your payment history first. I can't see why we wouldn't be able to come to an agreement although any agreement would need to be made with the collections team. 


Let us know how things go. 



Forum Team

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