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Really Not Happy with Virgin Media

First up, it's impossible to contact anyone at Virgin other than this ridiculous blog/hide me web page or premium phone!!!  I'm not interested in calling a number and sitting around - get a decent customer service system sorted. I've been a customer for 15 years and, frankly, Virgin Media is crap at customer service.

Second. Your free upgrades are costing me money. My bill has increased by at least 3 times inflation this year. For what? a free speed increase you gave me in the first place??????

Thirdly, If I don't get a reduction in my bill by 24th Dec, I'll switch to BT who have offered me £39 month. 

In fact I'm even tempted to just cancel and use the mobiles we have to get access.

If you can be bothered contact me - you should know how


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Re: Really Not Happy with Virgin Media

no reduction would happen without a call to retentions, even then it isn't certain., no one on here is authorised to give you a reduction.

150 and speak to the customer relations team
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