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Poor communication, lack of installation, contradicting information – clarification desired

Poor communication, lack of installation, contradicting information – clarification desired

I first called to enquire about your services in my area at the start of February 2017. I was advised that all services were available and that you required approval from our landlord. Following this, the next day the installation date was booked for the 8th February 2017. However, after being promised home phone services I was told that these were not yet available in our area.
Prior to this date, I called on the 3rd, 4th and 5th in order to add an additional service to the installation – a further TiVo box. However, this took a multitude of calls as I kept being transferred, told different information and chargers were unclear. During these calls I was advised of an installation fee (never mentioned in the original call) in addition to two activation fees (never mentioned in the original call). I was further told that I would be on an 18 month contract, however, also told that I would be on a 12 month contract.
Clarification of the above was given on the date prior to installation, on the 7th February, and I asked about the installation process and any potential problems. I was informed that everything would go ahead as planned and there were not any issues to anticipate.
However, on the date of installation I received a cryptic voicemail from your engineer. As this was unclear, I called back, to be informed that he couldn’t fix an omnibox to connect us to and that he was not able to complete the installation. My flat-mate spoke to both the engineer and his supervisor and was informed that another team need to install some equipment that they do not carry and that if we contact customer services they would be able to re-complete the installation on Friday 10th February.
However, when contacting customer services I was informed of an unknown construction issue. This is where I’ve had to make at least twelve phone calls to various departments for hours on end. I was told the following, at various points:
• A call back on the evening of the 8th February: “We have a problem…it could take up to eight weeks due to a planning permission requirement and construction work…no problem, we will make sure the work is done and if you need to go with another service provider it is only right that we pay those early termination fees…someone will call you in 8 weeks once we are ready to connect you”
• 9th February: “There is no construction issue…this is an installation issue…I have no idea why the engineers could not install it, I’ll pass you through to installations”
• 9th February: “There’s construction work planned and I’ll book you in for installation in April…this is going ahead”
• 9th February: “There’s no construction work planned, the installation should not have been booked…no idea why they have done that”
• 9th February: “We would never promise to pay early termination fees…there’s no notes on the account to detail that”
Outside on our main street the other buildings are connected and there are omiboxes outside. These brown boxes are connected to a darker part of the pavement indicating more recent work by yourselves – this dark patch runs up to our building. There is a ground level circular hole one door up on our side of the road, where a connection could be made, where no box is currently installed either.
Your engineer and his supervisor said that our building was not “pre-wired” but however there was the connection in the street up to our building and that it would be a “simple, quick job” by another team to connect us.
As we live in an apartment box, our neighbours, opposite and upstairs, also wish to join Virgin after we informed them of your prices and offers. However, we currently have no idea at which date our building will be connected – if at all.
I was originally promised to be connected on the 8th of February, then told it would be two days later, then promised that construction work would happen without a doubt, to then be told installations could install, to then be told that it’s an eight weeks wait, to then again be told that no construction work was planned.
We’ve left our current service provider for your services. Your services were sold to us and your Direct Debit was set up to take payment.
I have spent endless hours discussing this issue with various departments.
I wish to seek clarification that:
• The installation team are able to come and install without a wait for work
• Construction do not need planning permission because the cabling leads up to the brickwork on the exterior of the building but no box is present.
• Construction work is planned but may take up to eight weeks
• No construction work is planned and our contract will be cancelled due to failure to provide a service.
I’m happy to wait – without internet service – for you to fulfil your promise to connect us to your network (which we were told was already the case – but nevermind!). However, I need a definite promise that work is going to be completed and a definite time-scale of this.
The way we have been treated as new customers is horrific and your internal communication is dire. Teams cannot communicate with each other and no advisors are willing to pass messages on and arrange call-backs. I have been transferred to queues that are an hour long and quite frankly if I wasn’t aware of how good your services are I would be re-connecting with Sky. I grew up with Telewest and then Virgin and did not anticipate this farce when trying to join you myself.
Thank You,
Stephen King

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Poor communication, lack of installation, contradicting information – clarification desired

Hi Stephen

I would like to thank you both for joining us on the community and for providing such a comprehensive detailed post to advise of the issues you have had with us.

I am incredibly sorry to see that this has been your experience so far with us Smiley Sad

For us to help support you with this if this is still something your need support with then if you could get back to me on the pm I'm sending to you that you can find in the purple envelope on the top right of the forums.

There we can take some details from you to locate your account and look into what is happening here for you.

I hope to hear back from you soon.

Forum Team

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