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Phone line not working for months, bill not as agreed per contract

I have had issues with my phone line for months now every time I have tried to use web chat numerous times but I am cut off and it states "request id 89.3 error 0 happened
We are sorry, but there has been an unexpected error and we cannot continue the Chat session. If you were not able to have your question addressed, please contact us via email or phone.0. Retrying". But cannot call virgin on 150 from the phone as it doesn't work. I have also scoured virgin website for an email to customer support to no avail. The reason I would like an email is to understand why our phone line hasn't been working for so long and nothing was done about this when it was mentioned to your complaints team, and why our bill has changed from the agreed contract we took out with yourselves which stated a 12 months broadband discount (still have the contract we originally took out if this is needed for any correspondence).

I have sent Virgin media a formal complaint at the end of October 2016 in regards to the change of contract and insufficient service provided, still half way through December 2016 I have not had any correspondence either acknowledging receipt of this complaint or addressing the issues I have been facing.

Our phone line has had issues with suddenly stopping working a few months after the first engineer first fixed the phone line, so we have never been sufficiently receiving the services for our contract as agreed. No one has given me an explanation as to why this is.

I finally got to speak to someone else on web chat who arranged for an engineer to come and check the phone line but she could not help me with any of these billing issues, she referred me to contact the customer support.

To be clear these issues are that our agreed contract which was £21.99 broadband discount for 12 months, which included also Virgin Phone: Prem Bar, Talk Weekends & Telephone line rental.
This bill was then set to change to £35.99 after the 12 month period, yet most the bills I have received over the months since taking out the contract have been incorrect and not as per contract I have had to resolve this over the phone on so many occasions I have lost count.

The loss of service and abhorrent treatment over the phone by a handful of "customer service representatives" has been disgusting, so far my experience with Virgin media has been a year of problems and on every occasion the support for customers has been sub par.

Who can I contact via E-mail in the mean-time to get these issues resolved whilst I await the engineer to repair the phone issue before being able to contact the team over the phone?

My current bills are not what I agreed in my Residential Service Contract and I am failing to understand how my fixed 12 months broadband discount has subsided prior to 12 months?

I feel as if I have been taken for a ride with the service I have received over the last year and as aforementioned I have lost count of how many times i have had to contact yourselves in regards to the service no being what we agreed. I have never had such a bad experience in my lifetime with a broadband service and I need this matter actually investigated.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Phone line not working for months, bill not as agreed per contract

Hi Adixon1991,

Welcome to the Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing ongoing issues with your landline service and billing. 

Checking into this, I can see that an engineer has called out since your post. Is your landline working now? 

I can also see that the formal complaint you mention was closed after numerous unsuccessful attempts by our Complaints Team to contact you, I'm sorry that this caused further inconvenience.

I can check into these issues for you and get an engineer out to you if your landline is still not working, but I'll need to verify your details first.

I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the envelope icon at the top right of this page.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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