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Tuning in
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Phone Call

Just had a call from a lady with a strong foreign accent (08001836403) telling me it's my lucky day and out of the 1000's of customers i have been singled out for a very special upgrade. I could have all the movie channels for the special price of just £35.99 a month and could rent from on demand for just £5 per film. She would also throw in in the sports channels too. Should i take this amazing offer she would up my broadband from 50MB to 70MB for free. Politely told her no thanks.

Anyone else had this "very special offer" is it a con and what's the catch?

I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his passengers
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Re: Phone Call

If you are on 50Mbs there is a free upgrade to 70Mbs if your area is ready for it.

Doesn't change your contract or sign you up to a new minimum term, the other parts of what she said would however.

If you just want the free speed boost, pop your post code into

It will tell you if that's available, if it is you can log into your MyVirginMedia at the top of the forums, a banner should be there letting you process the upgrade.

It may display an error 'ready in July 2015 - July 2015' if it does that seems to be an error but it's ready. Can either ring up or let the forum team reply and process it for you.
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