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Phantom new router? And shocking customer service

hi all

i had an email on 14 Nov from VM congratulating me on upgrading my broadband from 152Mb to 200Mb and to get the bst I was going to be sent a new router in a few days. However after a week no new router appeared. I then got another email, same thing being said and a couple of weeks later still no router. So todayI called customer services to try and find out what was going on. They gave me an 0800 to call as "it was a promotional offer"and it should cost me £14.99 to get the router. I expressed my shock at this cost for something I did not ask for, but they said the 0800 call would resolve that. I called the number, was initially told that I'd get the router free but would need to talk to someone else. They put me through to a third person, then a 4th and finally a 5th person. I had to repeat the tale each time! Finally I was told I wouldn't get the router, so I asked why I was sent the emails. I was told to ignore them, then I asked if I should then ignore all emails from VM in that case, then I was told the emails were spam, to which I said that the emails were not spam the were genuinely from VM, so I wonder if VM are in the habit of spamming their own customers? 

Finally, I think to get rid of me I was told a complaint would be recorded -com101125802, but I don't know what will happen, hence me coming to the forum. I'd like to know if VM think this is an acceptable way to deal with any customer? Is it going to help them retain me in the future? and what about this router - I have a v2 superhub, so is a V3 going to improve my broadband/Wi-Fi experience, and am I going to be given a new router? I just expressed an interest in the V6 TIVO and am regretting that now!!
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Phantom new router? And shocking customer service

Hi wingcom, 


Thanks for for your post and apologies to hear you've been having an issue getting the new router. 


I can confirm it is a promotional offer but it does come with a £14.99 activation fee if you want it. The router itself is free though. It's up to you whether or not you want to pay the fee and accept it or decline. 


In terms of spamming our customers, of course this isn't something we do. If you're opted in for marketing from us, if there is an offer on such as this we will let you know about it though. 

Apologies for any confusion. 



Forum Team

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