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Packages for Existing Customers

I have been a cable customer for many years (since it was NTL). My current package isn't one that is still offered - its (now) showing as: TV L/Fun; Broadband SuperFibre 70; Phone Talk Weekends.  I'm being charged £44.76 + £19.00(line rental) = £63.76 per month.  I have the original NTL box for TV and a Virgin Media Super Hub for the broadband.

I'm looking to reduce the bill!  I'm happy to downgrade TV and/or lose the inclusive calls, but would like to retain broadband speeds.  Unfortunately there don't seem to be any bundles that do this.  However, there does seem to be a bundle with the same TV package and higher broadband speeds, for less than I'm currently paying: is £60/month incl. phone line and TIVO box.

I realise that I'm unlikely to be given the promotional "£49 for the first 12 months", but even the "normal" price would be a better deal than I'm currently getting.  Is there any way to swap?  I've looked on the website at My Upgrades And Offers, but the "Fun Bundle" isn't given as a named option, and to achieve the same elements would seem to need an upgrade of £23.57 per month.

Is there a way that I'm missing for an existing customer to switch to a cheaper, more current bundle?

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