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Dear Person who I hope can help..
I am terribly confused with my billing as I seem to be due a massive amount and I have no idea why.. Il break it down.
13th June I signed up for your service and paid £34.99 upfront for the month to cover the 02 July to 01 August bill
12th July I paid 24.99 via dd to cover 02 Aug to 01 sept
All was going swimmingly
Then 12th August to cover 02 sept to 01 oct I paid £24.99 via dd but it was returned to me (lack of funds in my account)
I didn't realise till the next bill and paid £24.99 on 07th sept to cover 02 oct to 01 Nov
(So now £24.99 down on my sept bill and £10 fee)
27th sept I then paid once I had realised £40 which covered the missing Sept bill and late payment. Therefore I should be all up to date.
01 oct I paid £30 for 02 Nov till 01 December..
I have now had a bill through for £87.38 and am really confused as it should just be my usual amount as I have paid off the one unpaid bill??

In total I should have paid 24.99 X 6 months and a late repayment fee= 159.94

I have paid so far that amount in full so I don't understand why I now need to pay £87.38????
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Overcharged

Hi Charleeo

Thanks for joining us on the forums and for getting in touch with us about the billing query. It's great to have you on board with us Smiley Happy

For this sort of query to be looked into securely with us it would be great if you can contact the teams via Webchat or via 0345 454 1111/ 150.

There the teams can give you a full break down regarding payments and bill dates and help explain why this may have happened for you. They can then work to get this resolved together with you.

Please keep us posted on how you get on and if you need anything else from us, then just let us know!

Take care.

Forum Team

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