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Outbound team call back

I had an 100mb line with virgin until recently whereby I cancelled as being a new mum I simply couldn't afford to keep it. I was called by outbound team and made an offer to keep the line for a much more affordable price. I asked the person to call back as I was at work at the time and wanted to think about it. I have received no call back and now my line has been cancelled. I have tried calling the main number and no one seems to be able to help with the matter. Surely the same person can just call me back and make me the same offer? Thanks
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Re: Outbound team call back

Hi Pricills1981

I appreciate you getting in touch with us about the Outbound offer and many thanks too for joining us on the forums Smiley Happy

In order for us to chase this for you I'll need a little more detail from you.

If you could pop a private message back to me with your name, address and preferred contact number, I can pass this over to the Outbound teams to see if they can arrange a call for you. Given that you've mentioned they called when you were in work, if you could let us know what time is best for you too, that would be fab!

To PM me, simply:

  • Click on my profile link Karen_A
  • On the right had side, select the 'send me a message' option.

Thanks again and catch you soon Smiley Very Happy

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