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Order Super Hub 3 and Tivo - What Order ?

Hi, got a text today to upgrade hub to Superhub3 so looked at account on line and found for 0.03p additional cost per month I can upgrade to Tivo Box... I upgraded online and wanted engineer to install so got order through with 2 possible dates for engineer and cost of Tivo, Engineer, installation ... I then called Virgin to ask if I could add the new hub to the package so the engineer can install in one go. 

After being passed on 4 times they have no knowledge of the order (got an email to show the order) I did online with the engineer visit (2dates requested for installation no date confirmed) but I'm getting the new hub and a 500gb Tivo box (did select 1TB size though).

Who can I speak too who will be able to see the original order online (customer services I was passed to couldn't) and check I won't be charged for this order and confirm the second order is in place ?

I preferred to get an engineer to install the upgrade because although its easy - in theory I'm told, I imagine in practice it will not be straight forward and I was willing to pay for the engineer to visit.

I think the first advisor I spoke too removed the initial order I did via my account. When I check my upgrade options online in my account it just quotes : 'Order placed call phone number to amend' - which is what I did in the first place.


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Re: Order Super Hub 3 & Tivo - What Order ?

Hi there angie2601,


Sorry for all the bother you've had with this.


I'd like to look into this further for you.


I'm currently unable to locate your account, so I've sent you a private mail for us to chat about this some more.


You can locate my message by clicking on the envelope icon near the top right corner of the Community page.


Speak to you soon,



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