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Opt out of Virgin Mobile advertisements


Is anyone aware of a way to stop Virgin Media sending advertising materials for Virgin Mobile via post? It seems there's never a month that goes by when I'm not getting this crap through the post which inevitably gets binned. I'm not interested in a mobile plan, especially not with plans which throw net neutrality out of the window and offer a paltry amount of monthly data to boot.

I'm paying Virgin Media for cable broadband - I don't want any part of my monthly fee being wasted paying to send me this and if I wanted a mobile phone contract I'd go with Three. I've looked in the online account portal and I can't find any way to opt out of these marketing communications - am I missing a page?


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Re: Opt out of Virgin Mobile advertisements

There isn't a page for customers to use to opt out of it. You can optout of marketing by calling 150 from a VM phone or 0345 454 1111 from any phone (from the main menu option 4 -> option 1 or option 4 -> Option 5 is good to use to request the optout. Note that the optout will stop all postal and marketing calls. Further note that the optout can take six weeks to complete and any already generated postal marketing mail will still be sent to you (but no new ones will be made.)

You can also try asking via the Contact Us page from a desktop or laptop. Select account and billing then any of the sub-options besides thinking of leaving us -> Click chat online. If the agents are busy, keep reloading the page every 3 minutes until you get through to an agent. Make the optout request.

Lastly you can wait up to two weeks for a response from a member of the favicon.png Forum Team here, they can do marketing optouts for customers.

Any opinions expressed by myself are entirely my own and do not represent Virgin Media in any way.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Opt out of Virgin Mobile advertisements

Hi alwilliams,


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are receiving unwanted calls or mail from us. Smiley Sad


I've gone into your account and changed your marketing preferences to No Contact so this will stop any emails, calls, addressed marketing and texts from us.


You can register your details here to opt out of Un-addressed Marketing: Unaddressed mail opt out  This will stop un-addressed mail from all companies and not just Virgin Media.


You can register your details here to further protect yourself against junk mail: Mail Preference Service


It can take up to 6 weeks for things to completely stop but you should see it reduce as time goes on. 


If you have any further issues, come back and let me know.


P.S - Welcome to the Community Smiley Happy 

Forum Team

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