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Obligation to Inform ??

Do Virgin Staff have an Obligation to Inform you of the costs ??

I recently took the opportunity to work abroad for several months. Rather then sell, I have rented my house, but the people did not want to pay the monthly fees that I was paying, so I called to close the account. Having returned back to the house to collect some things, not only wasn't the account closed as per my instructions, I have also been saddled with disconnection charges. Ok, I have looked through the T&C's now and seen it all, but my question is

" should Virgin staff be obliged to make you aware of the impending costs at the time you make the call to disconnect ?"

If I had known at the time, I may well have altered my contract to something smaller, or the bare minimum until I returned, but nothing was said, apart from, 'well if you're moving, there's not much you can do about that'. It is at this point I feel that, an experienced member of  the Virgin would have the awareness to advise me of the facts & costs incurred in closing the account, particularly as we briefly discussed where I would be working and realising that it was not possible to transfer my services. I am extremely annoyed.

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Re: Obligation to Inform ??

hiya @Motionmusic with any disconnect you need to give 30 days notice, there is a bit of onus on the customer to read the terms and conditions (which a very few rare do) and would notice a fee for getting out of contract early, the agent should have said there Is a fee for disconnection, or possible downgraded to the lowest package.
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