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November price increase.

Perhaps considering all the many problems being reported on this forum, my area has been showing different TV problems for weeks, Virgin Media should reward its loyal customers who haven't jumped ship rather than new customers by not only cancelling the November price increase but actually giving a discount for the poor service.

Oops, just watched a flight of pigs pass the window.



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Re: November price increase.

Just as after a minimal period, mobile phone contracts can be adjusted and discounted to a sim only deal to reflect hardware costs have been checked etc.  It's always puzzles me on why the likes of sky & VM continue to try & charge customers after a minimal period the same level of charges as they do\did when packages were priced to cover equipment provision, installation & minimal profit!.  Surely costs should automatically drop after 18 months (if in return for new 12 month contracts) to reflect the above and not go up until or unless customers are pushed to far and call the leave.

And before anyone says but with VM the equipment is only ever rented and never owned by the customer etc, well the equipment costs are still going to have been covered inside the first 18 months regardless of ownership.


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Re: November price increase.

Hi Dave606, 


Thanks for your post and we appreciate that no one likes to hear about a price rise. To make sure we are able to offer the best services we can, we sometimes need to review our prices.


Every year we launch better services, faster speeds and unbeatable offers for all our customers.


We've got our new V6 Box coming out, powered by TiVo®. We've just released new Hub 3.0's, exclusive Box Sets, (like the amazing Kingdom) for our TV XL customers, speed boosts galore and not forgetting that we are the home of #AllTheFootball


If you're unhappy then it is the perfect opportunity for you to look at reviewing your overall package with us so it would be great if you could either get in touch with our team via Webchat or via 150 / 0345 454 1111. Our teams will be more than happy to take a look at this with you.


With regards to faults, as soon as they are reported to us, we work as hard as we can to get things fixed again for you with minimal disruption.


Let us know how things go. 



Forum Team

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