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Not honouring house move quoted price

Below is the body of text being sent to your Directors. 
If anyone can shed common sense or offer divine intervention, feel free cos i'm at the end of my tether with Virgin now:

Why is it that I have to write to you to try and glimpse some common sense and sort my problem? Your staff have lied to me, blatantly, to coerce me into taking out a new contract. I find it abhorrent and acrid that your staff have seemingly given me a low package price to make me stay with Virgin Media when I moved house and now that the equipment has already been installed at the new property and services have commenced, nobody can find any reference to the discount or the details of ANY of the three phone calls that were made prior to the house move on October 21st.

Prior to 21st (move date) I rung you to see how I could adapt my package to get me a better price – I felt I was paying for services we didn’t need/use and was considering downsizing or getting rid of – our tv package completely. The lady I spoke to on my initial call told me that I could retain the exact same package/bundle AND have the second set upgraded from a V+ Box to a Tivo box for £54.00! This was welcome news – I asked what I could save on the phone package – nothing. Then I enquired what could be saved by reducing the tv packages to try and get it down to under £50 (which is the figure I had on my “moving house” spreadsheet. £49.00 was the answer – FOR THE SAME BUNDLE, PHONE INTERNET AND AN UPGRADED SECOND BOX.

Now subsequently when I get my e-contract it seems that virgin media have royally shafted me. No Mr Ramsden, the system doesn’t always record telephone calls. (How convenient for you). There’s no notes on the system Mr Ramsden (How could I effect or know that when I made the calls – I was told twice that a note was being put on the moving house /renewal notes.

I rang on28th Querying this. Someone told me they’d look into it and call me back on Monday. No return phone call.

I rang today and spoke to Customer Services. They confirmed there are no notes on the system and that the contract price is £82+. That’s even more than I was paying for goodness sake!!!. Customer Retention can only get me down to £60+.
It really isn’t good enough. I only agreed to renew to the new address on YOUR quoted £49.00
I HIGHLY suspect that there is a culture of **bleep** customer going on in the move team to coerce people to keep their contracts. I only agreed to let your workman come and drill holes in my newly acquired house and put staples all over my plaster on the basis of your £49.00 per month price.

Down every avenue that I now travel to speak to you, I get the same response. Nothing found. Implications are made that virgin would not have quoted so low. Well they did and if they can’t honour it, not only will I be cancelling everything and getting all of the equipment removed at your expense, but I want all of the brickwork remedying where cables were clipped to the house, drill holes making good, and all plasterwork re doing where internal cable clips were fastened.

I’m a reasonable man – I’ve been with Virgin Media since day one – since before you were there – with NTL. This really takes the proverbial. I’m told be retention that as they have offered the best discount they can, that the only person that can do better is a Manager Tom Mockeridge(?) who is the only manager in today on the shop floor so couldn’t take my call today. He is meant to be ringing me back within 48 hours – that seems a little extreme and to be honest, I’ve lost all faith in Virgin Media now.

I would like recordings of all of my calls to the movers team – sending to me or at the very least, to be listened to by the Directors and then, an explanation offered regarding this subsequent retraction / denial of discount. Virgin media are unequivocally taking the **bleep** out of me.


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Re: Not honouring house move quoted price

Hi scoobyandy, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you've not had such a great experience since moving your services to your new address. 


Checking your account for information, I can see that you've already spoken to the team and they have gone down a resolution route. This is great but we are still here to support if you need us too. 


If you have any further concerns or issues, pop back and let us know.



Forum Team

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