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New customer disaster

We decided to go to virgin two weeks ago, scheduled installation was 24/02/17, engineer turns up and finds a problem, the cable between the box and the house has a fault and he can't do anything, says he will have to come back as a two man job and that will be on the 16th March 2017, over two weeks away. So now we have no phone or broadband as we ended our current provider.
On ringing customer services to find out why so long it boiled down to it is and it's tough.
Very very very poor customer services, not the best way to get new custom, on speaking to numerous people at virgin they agreed it is a long time but there was nothing they could do.
I read the terms and conditions and in the customer services bit there's really nothing, the best they could say was we will get to as soon as possible, but that is so vague it's useless.
So currently I'm looking at other providers and shall be making a written complaint.
So as a potential new customer I'm not impressed very unlikely to use Virgin
And another thing if you complain on the phone, the operators open a complaint and then close it as they have told you all they can do there's no point in continuing the complaint so you are basically told to shut and be grateful you have the FASTEST broadband in the country, problem I haven't even got that far

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Re: New customer disaster

The normal wait for a re-pull is one to two weeks. I have seen several threads this week with people being given dates in April, so two weeks is pretty good at the moment. It is always good advice to overlap your services when moving to VM as unforseen issues with cabling & ducting blockages can cause delays of 1-2 months if council work permits are required.

All the fun of using a supplier with its own network infrastructure.

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