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New customer but absolutely confused

Short version: Three calls to arrange installation and select package - no mention of installation charges at all. First bill quoted to be around £30 from memory.
Three calls to try to add multi room - agent rude being transferred to never-ending holds - final call I asked about installation and was told my first bill would be around £120. No phone available. First told I was on an 18month contact - now told it's just 12 months. This is insanity. You're new to my road and I highly doubt anyone in our apartment block is going to go with you after this week of absolute confusion. People are asking us to tell them what Virgin is like as everyone is and has been with Sky. Right now all we can say is we have no idea!!!

I called last week to check prices and packages and to find out if you offered full services in my area. During that until call the agent asked for my Lanlords details and everything was completed quite smoothly.
On Monday I received a call to let me know you were able to install your services - great.

However as Virgin is new to our area there's no phone line available - so we were offered broadband and TV for £23 a month for the first twelve months, on an 18month contact. The agent suggested that closer to the offer expiry we call back as "you'd never have to pay the full amount as you can switch to a new offer".

Sorted - contacted Sky and cancelled the service we have had with them. Called up O2 and EE and upgraded our cell service due to the lack of home phone with virgin.

No mention of installation or activation charges in any of my three phone calls with this agent to enquire, book and confirm the service.

I called again as I want to add an additional box - kept getting transfered and three times I was on hold for half an hour with no shot of a reply, finally find out the installations team had closed.

I called back on Saturday and was rudely interrupted and told I should not be calling the sales team. I explained I had no idea who I needed to speak to as I'm a new customer - the agent was rude. I challenged her on her tone but it wasn't helpful at all. We added the additional box.

I then had to ask about installation charges - the agent mentioned nothing until I asked - then I was told my first bill would be £120 due to charges and activation!!
She offered to transfer me to billing but they didn't pick up for over half an hour.

I am appalled that I was told a home phone service was available - and then it wasn't. To then be rudely told I should not be calling the sales number which is the only number I have - and to then have to ask (I think maybe there's been six calls now) to find out what the installation charges are.

I'm sure the first agent who I spoke to told me my first bill would be around £30 - no where near the £120 now quoted. What is going on?
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Re: New customer but absolutely confused



Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us even if your journey has been less than perfect so far Smiley Sad 


As you've been passed round so many different times already, I'm here to say that we'll happily look in to things for you so all the information is kept in one place. 


In order to help you, I will need some information from you. I have sent you a private message regarding this and will investigate further once I receive your reply. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Speak soon,

Forum Team

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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