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My tale of woe

I don't like to have to complain, but I've really had enough of Virgin Media now. Here is my tale of woe...

21st October - An engineer was supposed to turn up to install our new VM service. I sat in from 13:00-18:00 and they never showed up. When I phoned up at 18:15 to find out where they were, I was told the engineer had been already and the work was all signed off, as if I was imagining things! After some digging, it turned out the engineer "couldn't install service because of a technical issue" and so closed the work order. I know that's rubbish because the green box is right outside my house, and no VM van ever turned up. There was no phone call to tell me about this either or that I was wasting my time sat waiting, so it's a good job I phoned myself. I was told a manager would phone me to explain, but of course that never happened.

24th October - A trainee engineer turned up with his boss (that kept disappearing every 10 seconds on the phone) to install services. Afterwards, our service was very poor, with a large number of channels that didn't work at all or were so broken up that they were unwatchable. We were told the signal to the V6 box was very poor (despite the green box being right outside our house) and we needed a re-pull. Broadband service was absolutely fine though.

4th November - We had an afternoon appointment, but at 10:30 a van turned up outside and performed the re-pull without ever knocking on the door or anything. The engineer that was supposed to perform the actual connection to the property didn't turn up until 18:30, after I'd sat in all afternoon again and it was now pitch black outside. After he'd left, the problem was mostly fixed, but not really. Every time a car drove past our house or a loud firework went off (bonfire night weekend) the picture would completely drop out for a few seconds.

5th November - The next day I got a knock on the door from my next door neighbour, who was very upset that the VM cable had been installed right through the middle of his flower bed without his permission. Even worse, it hadn't been buried at all. There's just a bright green plastic pipe on the top of his soil going through his flowers with the cable running through it, and it's on his property. It's a real eyesore, I'm not surprised he's upset! I also looked at the connection to my property, and you just wouldn't believe how badly it's been done. The wall box is wide open because it won't close since the old cable hasn't been removed. The new cable hasn't been clipped to the wall or anything so it's just hanging loose where the big green plastic pipe ends and is a trip hazard, and I've still got the fault every time a car goes past. I have pictures of the cable and recordings showing all of the faults with the TV just to be sure. I phoned VM and they said they'd send someone out to re-bury the cable properly.

14th November - An engineer turned up this morning for the re-bury, agreed that the installation was really poor but said they didn't have the correct tools to put it right, despite me explaining exactly what the problem was on the phone. The engineer phoned their boss right in front of me and told me that the boss promised that another team would come out today that had the necessary equipment to do the re-bury. You can guess whether that team ever actually turned up...

So, here I am, 3 and a half weeks on with:

  • poor service
  • an upset neighbour with a cable installed really badly on their property
  • 2 missed appointments, 1 useless one and 1 both late and doing a really poor job out of a total of 5
  • now I'm going to have to arrange yet another appointment to try and get it sorted, which is even more of my time wasted on the phone or sitting in waiting for engineers that either don't turn up or can't do the job when they do.

What on earth is going on? This is by far the worst customer service I've ever received.

I'm a forgiving person, so I'm willing to give VM one last chance to rectify the issue. Please let me know how you intend to solve my problems.

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Re: My tale of woe

Hi AdamR1, 


Thanks for your post and I'm really sorry to hear you are having an issue with your services. 


We can definitely take a look at this for you however in order to do so we will need some information from you. 


I have sent you a private message with the information I need from you to help. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.



Forum Team

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