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Moving to a non cable property mid contract

To whom it may concern,

I Lived in a flat for a year with virgin media. Due to financial constraints - losing my job and having to survive on savings for near on a year before getting a job that paid only basic salary, combined with rent rises - i could no longer afford to pay the rent and had to move house.

I rang up to enquire how to transfer my contract over to the new address i was planning on living in, having been led to believe by Virgin Media that this was simple and easy. This has since proven to be anything but the case.
I gave more than a month's notice of my intention of moving during the above phone call, and asked if i could be supplied at my new address. I was told this was not possible, despite Virgin supplying the house literally next door. I couldn't stay in a flat i couldn't afford the bills in just for the sake of Virgin, however. Was told over the phone that there would be some kind of bill but that this could be ignored as it would be reimbursed or some such. I didn't understand what the agent was on about really but come the end of the contract i was indeed given some reimbursement (cant remember what it was now as this was back in November)

I then received a bill for over £200 for early disconnection fees soon after the move. Threatening letters demanding i pay up or face court proceedings. I rang customer services, eventually got through and they said they would investigate, that the charge was in fact 189 not 240 that had been sent on the letter and demanded in threatening phone calls. But i was informed that this was early disconnection fees; The contract is apparently tied to the property and not to the person. I stated that i wanted it moved to the address i had moved to. Was desperate for them to do so in fact as the current coverage by BT and Sky are both terrible, and these are the only 2 options available to me.

In the meantime i continued to receive phone calls demanding i cough up 200+ quid. Told them my case was being investigated. Eventually they stopped after the third or fourth phone call.

Letter eventually arrived at the end of December saying i still had to pay up 189quid and that this decision was final. Consider it deadlock etc. So i wish to now take it up with the independent chaps at CISAS. However i have since received other bills randomly from Virgin (one was for something like £18 who the agent on the phone could not even identify what it related to. I however paid this in good faith) and letters telling me i have defaulted.. bailiff companies ringing and texting me telling me to pay up so on so forth.. all the meanwhile i cannot even contact Virgin because they won't provide an email, their phone line is consistently queued for at the very least half an hour, and their chat function is never available. I cannot provide evidence to CISAS because the only evidence is via phone calls, that Virgin possess, not myself. I don't wish to deal in phone calls and physical letters are too slow a process (seriously, in the 21st century what company doesn't use email?)

So perhaps someone from Virgin can spot this topic here and privately inform me of a way to contact where correspondence can be evidenced regarding this ongoing issue. 

A year of contract went by. I had to move out of necessity, not choice. I requested Virgin come with me to the new address - Your website, ads and letters all invite customers to take you with them when moving afterall, as was sold to me at the very beginning - Virgin have stated they have no coverage, despite covering the very next house in my street, and a ton of the local area. I still want the service. I have never had a problem with Virgin in the years i have (either through living in the family home, in shared living or by myself) used you. I would be happy to extend my custom if only given the opportunity. Virgin however cannot fulfil their side. The behaviour (debt companies coming after me etc) since November has been disappointing when i had, hitherto, high praise of Virgin Media's services - especially when i am receiving contradictory figures. That doesn't inspire confidence.

This 'early disconnection fee' is incredibly unfair and something i was unaware of when entering the contract (if it holds water at all after 12 months of being with Virgin) - I cannot in the current financial climate, really afford extortionate fees being demanded down the gun barrel of debt collectors. Perhaps this frustrated contract has grounds to fall under the 'Unfair terms' found in the Consumer Rights Act, but i am no lawyer. I certainly would never have taken up a contract with the company had i been aware that my moving house would have resulted in such large fees or had the company not advertised, and continue to advertise, that moving house is no problem. These downsides were never disclosed openly to me. It stinks of mis-selling.

To conclude; I had to move, wanted/still want Virgin Media in my new address. This has been refused without any kind of investigation of whether or not this possible, or if there are any alternative options. I have been repeatedly threatened and defaulted over extortionate termination fees for a contract that i still want to keep. I either want Virgin to look into and/or set up coverage next door to where they already cover, or drop such harsh charges. At the very least, i would like some form of email correspondence for the next step of using CISAS. 
I look forward to receiving your response.

Kind Regards,




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Re: Threatened by Virgin Media

Court proceedings?  It's a civil debt.

If they send Bailiffs simply lock your doors and windows and under no circumstances let them into your home.

A bailiff only has powers to re-enter the premises by force if you let him in voluntarily and he/she applies a levy to any items.  If you make it clear that they will not be allowed into the premises under any circumstances then eventually they will give up and send the debt back. Some bailiffs will try to ask to use the toilet, It's a trick to gain access don't fall for it.


Also make sure any garden sheds or any garages are locked, as long as they can gain peaceful entry they can take items from there.


Left VM 9th Jan 2017 due to high utilisation. Enjoying reliable services with Sky Smiley Happy
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Re: Threatened by Virgin Media

You agreed to complete the minimum term at the current address. If you move for any reason then you are breaking your contract. See below

T&C that you agreed to when signing up

part N

N. Moving home

  1. If you move to another address within our service area, you may ask us to provide the services to your new address. You must provide at least one month's notice to do this, but we cannot guarantee to provide you with the services at your new address.
  2. If you move to another address during any minimum period paragraph M9 will apply, unless you continue to receive our services at your new address (in which case paragraph N3 will apply). In addition, if you move home during a minimum period you will need to pay the early disconnection fee described in paragraphs M10 to M13.
  3. If we agree to provide the services to your new address, you may have to pay a service transfer charge (to be paid to Virgin Media Payments). Details of the service transfer charge are set out in the price guides. We will also send you a new contract for the services at your new address and you will have to keep the services for the minimum period. The service start date for your new minimum period will be the date that the equipment is installed at your new address.

Part M

  1. If you break this agreement and we and/or Virgin Media Payments may end this agreement under section O (including for non-payment of charges) within the minimum period, you must immediately pay to Virgin Media Payments an early disconnection fee in respect of the cancelled service by way of compensation to us for ending the service early.
  2. You can find details of the early disconnection fee on the Virgin Media website. The early disconnection fee will not be more than the charges you would have paid for the services for the remainder of the minimum period less any costs we save, including the cost of no longer providing you with the services.


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