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Moving House


I am moving house in a few days and will be hopefully staying with Virgin Media but would like to know if it is possible to change my bundle at the same time, as from what I have heard moving house will tie me into a new contract.

I currently have:

Full House (XL) Plus Sky Sports & Movies HD

VIVID 200 Optical Fibre

Talk More Anytime

1 500GB TiVo

I pay £150.37 per month for this.

The bundle I would be interested in switching to is the VIP Bundle which includes everything listed above but includes 2X V6 boxes and is only £120.00 per month. Is it possible to switch to this bundle and would the switch have to be done before or after moving house?



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Re: Moving House

If you are moving in a few days time then I suspect that you should have been in contact before now. Do you know whether or not there is a VM service at your new address?

I believe that the move, if it can go ahead, will invoke a new contract and there is a £20 administration charge.

You might be able to negotiate a new contract but, if I were you, I would phone VM ASAP.

Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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