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Loyal to Customers?

So, I was looking at virgin deals this morning in particular the player bundle. 

As a new customer you can get this bundle for £32, a better deal than I am on now, without half of the stuff you get, also as a new customer, (not sure how you are new in the second year) in the second year you get this deal for £45 I checked what virgin would offer me for the same deal.... mine is £46, how's that customer loyalty!  I'm paying £33 for broadband at 70mbps, yet new customers can get 100mbps plus extras for £32IMG_7945.PNGIMG_7946.PNG

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Re: Loyal to Customers?

Why are you surprised? Every other ISP works in the same way (with one exception). Great offers to entice people in and they pay the full whack after a year. The insurance and other utilities do the same. If it wasn't a successful business model they wouldn't do it. Your responsibility to challenge each year. Phone retentions on 150 options 1,4,5 and see what deal you can cut. If you don't you are part of the business model.


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