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Lower cost for service please - Sorry new customers only

Fed up of spiralling costs £125 last month I called to see what could be done. Considering I also have a loyalty discount (value £21) my service should cost anyone else £146. For this I get TV XL, 70mbs broadband, Unlimited anytime calls, Sky Sport & Sky movies, V+box & one extra box.

Deal online VIP - offers all this, with these upgrades 2 x TV V6 boxes, 200mbs all for an initial £85 (rises to £120 after 12months) still £26 cheaper than what my service would cost. OK I will have that - SORRY NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY!!!!

I have been a loyal customer for many years, and this is worth nothing, in fact it is costing us more, COME ON MR BRANSON - TREAT ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS FAIRLY,

I have now gone for a cheaper package.


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Re: Lower cost for service please - Sorry new customers only

richard branson does not own virgin media. he owns a small number of shares just like you or i would that's it. google is a good place to go to obtaining the correct information to who owns virgin media..

when you initially sign up you will get a good deal however over time of course things go up. however the offers for new customers don't rise as much. eventually you will find that a friend signs up and is paying much less than you. but once the promotional offers have ended and increases take effect they wouldn't be far behind you. new people coming along will of course get a better deal at that time and so on.

virgin,sky etc are private companies. if they choose to dangle a carrot to get customers in then hike the prices above what customers who join later pay, they can, will and do. electric, gas, bt, sky, virgin, car insurance companies. they all do it.
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Re: Lower cost for service please - Sorry new customers only

But we are regularly told on these forums, by SUs and the Forum team, that after the initial discount new customers will pay the same as current customers.

Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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