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Lies and Harrassment

My account details i dont have to hand but as you are ringing a pensioners voicemail 2-3 times a day on number withheld you will be able to find it this email is an attempt to get you to stop this harrassment before i look to take legal action against you. I have already sent all the details i will list below to the BBC Watchdog team in the hope that they investigate your working practices.

Right now to the facts
After being with Virgin for some years i simply rang up to see about a house move at that time some guy offered me a new and cheaper package for when we moved, in this package he listed two Virgin Mobile sim cards at the cost of £10 a month i told him no i didnt need them however he assured me they are just part of the package and i would not be charged for them, i told him i was then and am now still happy with 3 as my mobile provider so i didnt want the sim cards but he insisted i would not be paying for them and they had to be included and delivered as part of the package. 
Following on from this conversation i was told as we were moving on the 25th November all my TV, Media, Phone and Internet would be installed on saturday the 26th before lunch. However Virgin waited to the 24th November to tell me they could not install anything for 6 to 8 weeks, i have a disabled daughter and i need these services so as you could not honour the contract on this package i cancelled it and moved to Sky for all my media, internet and phone equipment which was all installed within 10 days
Oh just to add when i rang up to complain about this installation problem and the fact that it would be impossible to wait 8 weeks for it,  i was offered a reduced payment scheme for the two months when you provided nothing , what a sick offer that was.
Since this time i have cleared outstanding payments on the old contract i am waiting for Virgin to collect all the equipment and in fact the last bill from Virgin stated you owe me £25 i am still waiting for this money or Virgin arranging to collect the equipment. 
Now though you and your call centers are bombarding me with phone calls that i will not answer as i dont trust your company to maintain truthful records of conversations given the last few months interactions with Virgin, 
If you wish to resolve this matter you can do it through mail or email i want records of all conversations on this matter you will note the sim cards are unused and will remain so i never wanted them i was misled or lied to in order to send them to me. So kindly desist from this harrassment of a pensioner with a serious heart condition or i will take this further legally and through the social networks and local and national media. 
Virgin lied about being able to install the equipment at my new address, virgin lied about i would not have to pay for these sim cards how is that a decent way to run a business?
As stated above i will not answer any phione calls reply by email or mail only you can use my old address as my mail is redirected to my new address.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Lies and Harrassment

Hi PLH51, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's really great having you on board with us even though you are having an unfortunate time of it Smiley Sad 


I'm really sorry to hear that we were unable to install at your new address. It's not very often this happens however when it does happen, we try and get things moving as quickly as we can. Due to the work needed, we have to apply for permits which takes the longest. 


With regards to phone calls, I'm more than happy to help with this however I will need some information from you. 


I have sent you a private message regarding this and will investigate further once I receive your reply. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Speak soon,

Forum Team

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