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Late Payment Charge - Line Rental


I've just received my bill today and noticed a £10 late payment charge. I've called 150 and spoken with the operator, who advised that the £10 charge came from when I opted in for line rental saver on 14/01/2017, but did not pay on the day. The reason I did not pay on the day is that the operator at the time gave me the option to pay the line rental fee of £196 at my next direct debit date (which I took to save me going to get my card details), but he did not mention there would be a late payment charge for doing so. If he had mentioned this, I would have paid on the day. 

I queried this with the operator today, but because the late payment charge is "justified", neither she nor any managers would be able to waive the fee. When I pointed out that it was surely the operator error for not telling me there would be a late payment charge for taking an option he offered, all I got was a "sorry" and an explanation that he should have told me. 

I've requested a call back from a manager as they're all in "Escalation" meetings, but I find it unacceptable that Virgin Media will not waive a fee that came about because they neglected to tell me I would get one if I took them up on the offer of paying line rental saver at my next direct debit. 

Any ideas or advice on how I can remove this fee or escalate this further?

Thanks for your help in advance!




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Re: Late Payment Charge - Line Rental

Hi Chdh, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are having an issue with your billing. 


Line rental saver is not available to be added to your bill. As per the terms and conditions of it you need to make the payment upfront using a credit or debit card. You can see the terms and conditions here: Line rental saver - the legal stuff


'£196 for 12 months' Line Rental must be paid in advance by debit/credit card.'


If you would like me to look in to your account to find out where the late charge has come from just refer to the private message I have just sent you. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.



Forum Team

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