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Just over one and a half hours of my life I won't get back.......

Well who knew cancelling a contract with VM could be so stressful and long winded!

Possibly not as long winded as this post mind, but I have to get this off my chest!

I contacted them Tuesday the 14th via Web chat to cancel my contract, 30 seconds later I was informed I would get an email sent confirming the cancellation and a date it would be happen. Happy days, a pain free experience.

So I thought.

No email arrived over 24 hours later, so I this time rang them to see what was happening, I was told the email can take 24 to 48 hours so just wait it out for it was all in hand.

No problem, seems reasonable enough so I left it.

Still no email by today so I rang them back, to be informed it couldn't be done through the web chat so I'd have to do it over the phone. Seems a tad strange, but as long as it's getting done I'll go with it. Confirm with the man on the other end of the phone that my contract would be cancelled and my cut off date would be 18th of April.

Nice one I'll wait till then.

Then I get an email saying I'd made some changes to my account and they wanted 19 quid. I'm starting to get a tad angry now so I ring them back......Get a lady on the phone this time who explains the charge is policy and all is well, she tells me my broadband and phone would still be cut off on the same date so don't worry about anything. She didn't sound very convincing but they are the experts so I put the phone down in high spirits.

10 Mins later my broadband gets disconnected. 

I ring them back again, and this time I'm not a happy chap. The bloke this time can't explain why the lady I spoke to last time has disconnected me and he would look into it and puts me on hold, for a tad over 23 Mins. He then comes back and explains he's looked into reconnecting me and just needs to speak to technical support so puts me on hold again, for just over 12 Mins. Next person on the phone asks me to unplug and replug in my router and then explains he cannot see my router and puts me on hold again, for just over 10 Mins. At this point I think they may be taking the **bleep**.

Man comes back on and tells me I have a fault and I need to talk to customer service again and puts me through to a man who can'help me and puts me back to technical service again, this time a bloke does help me and reconnects my Broadband. The entire episode started at 20.25 and ended at 21.52. On a mobile phone. Through the whole of that I must have actually spoken to a person for less than 20 mins.


Rant over and I feel a bit better.



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