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Joining issues - does Virgin Media actually want new customers?

Hi all. Not usually a forum poster but thought I would share my experience!

I've been trying to join Virgin Media for well over a month now and am stuck in the infinite time vortex that is the Virgin Media customer service experience.  I've been thinking of switching for a while now, and  finally contacted VM via the online chat on the 20th December, lured by a particularly attractive broadband only offer. I was advised to call the sales team to progress this further. I duly did so  that day and was told that someone would give me a call back in 5 working days (give or take a few due to the Christmas period) to arrange a visit to the property to establish what services would be available.

Skip forward 2 weeks and I still had heard nothing, and had now missed the offer period. I contacted the online chat service to clarify whether I had definitely missed the deal and was told yes. "Fair enough", I thought. I had contacted in mid December and maybe they were just really busy, but that's still a bit harsh.

I waited a few more weeks and then phoned again on the 10th January, waited on hold for a while, and finally spoke to someone from the sales team who apologised profusely for the delay and then told me that I had now been put on the priority list for a visit by the engineer and would receive a call in the next week. If I did not hear from the engineer, the advisor himself would give me a call back, so don't worry.

Skip forward to today (another 2 weeks gone) and still no phone call. I took a deep breath and picked up the phone.

The first woman who answered the phone immediately bounced me to the 'pre-install team' as she clearly did not want to clarify what was going on and assumed they were who I needed to speak to. I waited on hold and then finally got through to a very confused man who could find no trace of my calls, my interest in joining VM, or even identify my address. After 15 mins of struggling he put me on hold saying he was off to speak to his supervisor. 10 minutes of hold music (and promotion of Virgin Media's wonderful services) later my call was picked up by the sales team (why I was redirected there is anyone's guess) and had to explain the entire situation again. She at least was able to confirm that there was some record of me on the system.

I then got trapped in a 15 minute conversation loop (with another brief period on hold) about how they could not give me an update on my status and I would have to wait until they phoned. The system was telling them that I was interested in joining but the sales team could do no more until they had heard back from the engineer about what services I could get, this can take 15 days, and they can't get this until he visits the property. But they don't know when he will visit. And no, they could not give me an estimate of when I could expect a call back.

"So if another two weeks pass and I still hear nothing who do I contact to chase this up? Do I phone and ask to speak to the pre-install team or an engineer? I mean, that's why I am calling today. I was supposed to get a callback weeks ago and am still waiting."

"I'm sorry, but we have to wait to hear back from the engineer so I can't give you an update on your status."

Repeat ad nauseam.

I eventually gave up and had to end the call before I completely lost my temper.

I am genuinely flabbergasted. I am not even signed up to Virgin Media at the moment, but the customer service I have experienced so far has been abysmal. I have come to expect a certain level of dodgy customer service when you are already a customer of said service, but it blows my mind that they demonstrate such apathy to potential new customers.

I have now spoken to 8 different people and am no clearer on when, or indeed if, I can ever expect to get VM broadband.

Fibre is available on my street (as confirmed by sales team conversation number 3) as I was here when they laid it. Many of my neighbours have virgin media, so what on earth is the delay?

Anyway, that's been my experience to date. Anyone else having similar issues?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Joining issues - does Virgin Media actually want new customers?

Hi SweetPsyche, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's nice having a new customer on board with us here even if your journey has been less than perfect Smiley Happy 


It sounds to me as though when the Sales agent have looked at your address, it's asking us to send a spotter before we can go further with the order. 


The Pre Install team can only deal with customer accounts that have been set up and are awaiting installation so this would be why they'd be unable to help or able to find any details. 


I'm more than happy to check things for you but will need some information from you in order to do this. 


I have sent you a private message regarding this and will investigate further once I receive your reply. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Speak soon,

Forum Team

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