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Issue with cable installation and conflicting advice!


virgin installed oct 2016 . Utter farce. The landline didn't work though that tinder bother us and the lawn was a mess... husband unfortunately didn't give the idiots an earful but let them go as they to,d him it was our phone that was the issue..

anyway phone fixed about 4 weeks anpgo by helpful chap who took it apart an retired it all at the socket. 

Cable noted to be visible in bald patch in the lawn after the winter .

5 week delay but someone came out to re bury it. They said " it's far too superficial and it should be in a tube I don't have the tools anyway, someone else needs to do it ....he didn't re arrange , so I rang tues and a chap came Wednesday and said that is was fine and didn't need anything and anyway he hadn't got the tools 😡😡

so today called them, they didn't call back - no surprise. Finally called again and was told it was our fault for accepting it as was. Not entirely sure how I'm supposed to know how deep a cable tv should be or if it needs a tube or not. The chap really didn't get that and said I'd need to pay £99 ? So waiting for a call again after raising a complaint with him. 


So so does anyone know what the installation standard should have been? It is working now but I don't give a cable that on the surface in place much of a lifespan when we start cutting the grass.... and funnily enough I don't inspect the lawn muchin the winter. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Issue with cable installation and conflicting advice!

It doesnt have to be in a tube, but it has to be berried so you cant cut it

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